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How To Add Shop On Facebook And Instagram [2022 Guide]

How to add shop on facebook

With your online shop on facebook and shop on instagram connected to your Facebook and Instagram profiles, your consumers may buy immediately from this platform. This is a major advantage because it allows customers to look at your stuff without leaving Instagram or Facebook.

What Is Facebook Shop ?

Facebook Shop is a free, online digital shop for all companies that sell things online. It is simple to set up, but only accessible for a small number of companies using the shops and stores of the Facebook Page. It will soon be implemented worldwide and will include the possibility of translating from these old Facebook sites as well as the potential to be integrated with existing e-commerce systems such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and more.
Facebook shopping offers the development of your own imagery, description, cover images, and accent colors for the personalized product catalog and the preservation of these products in convenient collections to facilitate your clients’ needs. You can converse via Messenger with your customers; your customers can even buy via chat in the future!

Facebook started Facebook shops in May 2020, which make the buying experience more sophisticated and aid small enterprises in particular. People can effortlessly shop from their Facebook page, Instagram profile, or from their Instagram accounts. You can create a brand identity and stimulate product discovery on Facebook and Instagram with full-screen photographs and bespoke collections.

The new tool is being developed by Facebook to companies that presently offer Facebook, Instagram, or both of their products and send them an email and notification once they have ready the new business. To prepare for your company’s success, it’s a fantastic opportunity to connect your online store and sell products on social media, to your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

What Is Instagram Shop ?

Instagram Shop is the name of the Instagram user shopping destination and the Shop tab linked to the Explore page can be found. Instagram Shops are an update to Instagram Business and Creator Account storefronts for businesses. The Facebook Commerce Manager is easy to set up. It is presently only available to companies in a limited number of markets and you must obtain access approval.

Just like in the case of Facebook Shop, companies can establish their separate stores listed in the Shop Directory on Instagram. However, products can also be pulled into a centralized marketplace, “Products for you,” reflecting the first mobile character of Instagram. It provides recommendations on browsing history, interests, and shops for specific Instagram users.

Companies can activate Facebook Pay’s safe in-app check-out option, similar to Facebook Shop. Instagram Shops can utilize their own money, as you can see in the image above. In the meantime, Facebook Pay checkout is only available to US customers — else visitors are routed to view the product on your chosen business website.

May3 Build a Store on Facebook Instagram with Shops Share FL
  1. Check that your business qualifies for Facebook Shops

In order to start a Facebook shop, you must have a valid US bank account and a TAX ID number, agree to Facebook Merchant terms and conditions.

2. Make sure you have the right template on your Facebook page

Click “Shop” on the left side of the page on your Facebook page on your computer. You need to alter your page template if you don’t see this tab. Click on ‘Settings’ on the top right corner of the page, then select ‘Templates and Tabs’ from the options on the left side to alter the template. You can see your current template at the top by clicking “templates and tabs.” To choose “shopping” click “edit” and scroll down. Click on the template application and on the “ok” button. Go back to your homepage and you’ll now find “Shop” on the left side of the page as one of the tabs.

3. Create your Commerce Account 

On the left side of your Facebook page click on the “Shop” section, and then click on the “Go to the Trade Manager” option. You will be sent to the Facebook trade order management application Commerce Manager. You will need your information, products, settings, and payouts on this page.

 4. Set up your business information

Click on the “Set up” button under “Business Information.” Insert your company’s public name first. The link next to your existing Facebook page for your Commerce account. Finally, log in to a business manager account with your trade account. Click “Grow a Company Manager Account” if you don’t have one already, and enter the name of your business manager. This can be the same as your company’s public name or something other, the customers’ name will not be visible. Click “Complete configuration.”

 5. Add your products, shipping options, and customer service information

Click on ‘get started’ under Products and Settings. To show in your shop, first, choose a product catalog. Click on “Create a New Catalog” if you don’t have an existing catalog for the product. Next, you can choose your shipping options and standard shipping, fast shipping, and rush shipment. When opening with every option, insert the expected delivery days, price, additional item price, and free shipping cart minimum. Once this information has been stored, click “next” for each of your delivery selections. Last but not least, indicate your policy of return. Enter your customer service and return window and click “Save.”

6. Link your bank account to your Facebook shop

Click the “Start” button underpayments. Enter your company and email address first. Next, from the drop-down option, choose your business category. Enter your company and your national tax registration number on the third page. On the fourth page, choose your company type from the menu below and complete the information of the agent. Finally, complete details about your bank account and click on “Setup Complete.” If all the information is right, you should have received a “you’ve finished setup” notification. Review information about the business on the right side of the website and make sure it appears correct. If it looks all right, keep going to the next step.

7. Set up your catalog

You can connect it straight to your Facebook shop if you already have an online store that is managed by Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, or WooCommerce. Go to the Catalog Manager. In the upper right corner, select the “Create Catalog” button.

Choose e-commerce on the next page. You can then upload content or link to an e-commerce site. You will have the possibilities. Choose the e-commerce platform connection. Choose from the drop-down and click ‘View next steps,’ on your e-commerce platform. You will receive instructions on how to link your e-commerce platform to your Facebook Store on the right-hand side. Follow the instructions and you can continue management of your inventory on your e-commerce platform when the connection has been successful, and your products synchronize automatically with the Facebook shop.

8. Make sure your products are available also on Instagram

If you want to market your items on Instagram too, make sure that you have an Instagram business profile with your Facebook page on your profile. To make a business profile, go to your Profile page and click on the three lines in the upper right corner. Then click on “settings,” then on “account,” and then select “business.”

Go to your profile and select edit profile to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. Select a “Page” and select your Facebook page under “Public Business Information.”Once the Instagram account is connected to your Facebook page, go to your profile page and the right corner of the Profile Page on the three lines. Select “settings” and then “commercial” and then log in.” Once accepted, under the terms “settings” and “business,” you will see a new option, called “shopping.”

9. Start selling products on Facebook and Instagram 

You are all set and ready to start selling Facebook products after you connect your eCommerce platform to your Facebook page. On your Facebook page, you should be able to view your products under the “Shop” tab. Your catalog is also available and can be found on the profile page underneath the biological page of your Instagram page.

You can tag products in your posts to stimulate further sales. To do this, upload a snapshot-like usual and then tap on the products to be tagged. Up to 5 products can be tagged. Begin typing the product name as it is in your catalog and choose the name if it shows in the search box. In an Instagram Story, you can also mark five things in a video post and one product.


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