How to Start an Online Business in Pakistan?

Online Business in Pakistan

Let’s Talk about Online Business in Pakistan

The digital market is growing day by day. The number of people having access to the internet in Pakistan is continuously increasing and this is making it easier for businesses to compete, interact, and engage with their targeted customers.

Today, just generating traffic to your website or blog is not enough. You need to create an efficient customer experience and you need to optimize your website for mobile browsing through responsive designs as well.

What’s the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online?

Digital marketing in Pakistan is already considered a challenge when it comes to doing business. Yet, it is quite useful and very important in today’s date because of the growing online market and internet penetration in Pakistan. Online marketing in Pakistan can help any business grow and expand its market at a very fast rate.

There are many problems which Pakistani business owners need to overcome while doing business online. Problems like bad customer relationship management, lack of growth, and absence of exposure can make business in Pakistan an uphill job. But at Onlink, we offer many solutions to overcome such problems and also make your online business successful.

The only problem with starting a business online is that your business won’t survive.

Importance of business research:

If things work around these barriers, it is still possible to launch a successful online business. The main problem is that people are not willing to invest the time and money necessary to become the best in their field.

Another reason you won’t have money to start is that you aren’t in a position to take an investment.

How do you raise money?

If you want to own the future of your business, you have to start from the ground up. If you try to get financial help from other people, you are just another potential risk.

If you are like most people who want to create a business online, you have no alternative but to go with what you know. When doing so, the main issue you face is figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

You have to learn the principles of success in any field. If you have nothing to do it with, try to find some business cards, websites, a little bit of experience behind these principles, and start going through different methods to learn more about them.

The first steps in your career are to decide what your goal is. If it is to start a business or become an author, that would be your goal. This will guide you in your journey.

If your goal is is to do your thing, you should focus your efforts on getting that thing off the ground. That will give you the edge in other areas if the business has any value at all. However, if your goal is simply to get a name on your Facebook page or something, and you have no clue how to start your own.

Most people who create a business online have never earned a lot. You do not have the skills to start a business yourself on your own. You have to work for years to find resources and learn as much as possible. If you want to become an author, start a business to learn the basics of publishing (books, articles, websites, etc) and have a great experience writing and publishing books. Once you gain recognition, you can earn a decent income as an author by selling your books on Amazon.

The best online businesses can’t operate with a profit margin. As a result, many businesses fall into the trap of thinking that they can sell the product to others without having to pay for it first. A lot of times they will take a book by just saying “oh, this book isn’t profitable enough to be profitable, but that next product can be so good or that product will be so profitable because it is so popular.

Start a Business and save up to 80% on Taxes:

The cost of starting any business depends on the size of your business and the type of business it is. In Pakistan, the government does take a commission on every business. The cost of establishing a business is also dependent on this, so you need to take proper steps by yourself to plan, budget, and account for this.

When doing business in Pakistan, you will need to have an invoice with you (you will get one on arrival at the place) to check if your order is paid for, how to pay and all other details, if you want to open an account if the need is, you will need to have all these for this as well.

You can learn more on how to establish an online business with Pakistan here.

Get a Local Partner to help start Online Business in Pakistan:

If you start a small business with a local partner then you will need to have their knowledge and knowledge of how to set up a business, get them to help you get started, and set up the website, mobile app, and customer support. A local partner would be able to help you with all the necessary details.

This will help you grow and build your business to the point you want to go, there are some great online business sites in Pakistan for getting started online.

However, getting the right internet connection can be a challenge and you should check with your partners to make sure this is in place. You may also need to know how to set up your own business with an office and accountants to set up your business as well. If you are unsure about any of this then get in touch and have them guide you.

Don’t waste time and use this business plan to start a business in Pakistan, there are more than enough good business ideas in Pakistan to give you a good initial start on your business in Pakistan. You can take advantage of all the new online business opportunities being offered in Pakistan as soon as you have your initial idea in mind.

For some people, it may be hard to commit to starting any business, even if your business idea is right to start with, you should not give up. Take the steps and find out how you can get started with your business in Pakistan.

Business owners should not be worried or confused about choosing a digital marketing company for their business.

Onlink is a complete Digital Marketing Agency that offers all services related to Digital Marketing in Pakistan. They work with small businesses local brands and national brands alike, helping them to grow through new online technologies and platforms.

What is the best business idea to bring to Pakistan?

Here are the 5 things that will help you bring your business to Pakistan:

  1. The business idea is easy:

A business idea, when it has a simple and clear objective, and a way for it to be taken to the next level will be more likely to succeed in Pakistan. That makes it extremely beneficial for the business owner. A lot of investors may be apprehensive about investing in a business idea that sounds complex. But all you have to do is simply to read the business title and ask yourself, does this idea sound feasible? Then, you will start thinking if you need more capital or manpower and, if so, what type of support there will be.

  1. Your business must solve a unique problem:

Now, let us look at two simple but important ways to solve a problem. You can solve a problem by using an existing product, or by creating a business that solves that particular problem. Then, you will have to solve another specific problem that would be solved by a third party. In other words, you may have to solve the same problem in different ways.

  1. Your business must be scalable:

This is perhaps the most important factor; how you will be able to expand and make gains in the business. The same can be said about a business idea; what about the size of the business? Well, it depends on your market as well as your competitors. Small business may lack the capacity to expand their business. The big players may be able to grow your business by using their capital to create a branch of their business in Pakistan.

  1. Your business must be simple to start.

You can start your business easily and you will end up making huge gains in your business. All you need is your imagination and the resources. No matter the size, your business is going to be simple and easy to take over. All you have to do is to read the business title or look for a company that can provide you with the necessary resources for your business.

  1. Your business name has to be memorable:

Your business name can be unique and memorable. It will help to attract many clients and attract investors. It will increase credibility with the customers and it provides your business with more resources like marketing and branding. Your name is an important branding feature that you should take care when you start your business.

How to get started in Pakistan?

Pakistan is the second most populous country in Asia. As per UN estimates, Pakistan is expected to increase its population from 906 million in 2010 to 1.1 billion in 2050. That is an increase of 3.1% over the present population. It is also expected to surpass India in terms of population in a decade. As per the Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey 2004, Pakistan is projected to reach 99% of the population by 2025. You may be able to get started in Pakistan if:

  1. You have the necessary resources:

It is the biggest investment of all time to start a business in Pakistan. If you are planning to expand in Pakistan, you must be able to secure the necessary capital. This is the best way to start.

  1. Your business name is unique:

It is the best way to attract potential clients as it will be easy for them to find the name of your business. Then you can easily identify your business from within your field.

1) Easy to execute.

2) It can be implemented in many ways.

3) There is no cost involved.

4) The idea can be marketed.

The key to start a successful business idea is to provide a product that offers high value to the end customer. Most of the time, the company is a big company and usually a large number of employees. The problem is that many small businesses are not able to afford to hire a great sales person, so the business needs the good idea and the idea can provide low-cost solutions to the business customers. The customer gets what they need and no more.

In Pakistan, there are no laws regarding the sale of food to children. In order to sell food to your children you need a license for your restaurant. Many Pakistanis believe that it is acceptable to sell food to children, however, this is not true and anyone who can justify selling children something should be punished by law.

In Pakistan, there is no standard procedure for determining whether or not you are selling to children so if you decide to sell your food to your children, you will have to follow the normal routine of food distribution in Pakistan and will face all kinds of problems like zoning, inspections, and licensing.

However, if you are selling to your children and the price is reasonable, you can do it. If it is $30 for a medium fillet of fillet macaroni, your price has to come much lower than $30. But if your price is much higher than $30 in Pakistan, you will be prosecuted by the police.

The main problem with food delivery is that if you do not follow any standards, your customers will not be able to identify the good quality ingredients that you are using or the good packaging which you have put together.

I once saw a restaurant that gave out 100 hamburger buns for free and the customers could not tell if the hamburger buns were made by quality French bun bakeries. In a small restaurant, you will probably be allowed to give away only 15-20 hamburger buns a day unless you are really famous and/or you are selling high-quality food to the high-end.

Pakistani-American business women can become very rich as a result of being successful as restaurant suppliers in some of the most popular hotels around the city. For example, one business woman from my area was able to obtain a very good job in a highly popular hotel and even got a promotion.

But, after going into her hotel room, she was able to purchase a free, good-quality, very expensive breakfast with the breakfast being made by Italian bakeries. After asking around, it turned out that American hotel workers were only allowed one bagel per course of food, and that her choice of the bagel was a French bagel that had been brought from the American bakery in California.

Here is a typical scenario: a Pakistani immigrant comes to America with nothing and is happy to work in a job as waiter. He spends his time serving breakfast for the other workers in a big hotel. After about 5 years of running that establishment, he is tired of his job and decides to quit. At night the hotel owner finds out that his restaurant is closed. He sends the immigrant out of the hotel and asks him to buy a bagel at the hotel bakery.

He then goes back to the hotel and makes a nice big pile of bagels. Later he pays for the bagels back to the manager of the hotel and asks her to return them. Then he buys a nice little coffee shop to open on the corner and starts serving bagels.

This is a typical example of a Pakistan-American business woman running her restaurant and trying to turn it from a humble little business to a successful one.

What is the Best Online Business Idea in Pakistan?

  1. Investing in business education:

This is a free service that helps you learn business and financial basics in Pakistan, you do not need to get an actual certificate but can study any online course in business lessons, or learn some online courses.

If you want to find the free courses and do research as to get the best from this site, then check this list that goes by some free courses that you can learn online and learn the basics of Pakistan. Here is the list of free courses.

2. Beginners guide in Pakistan for entrepreneurs:

Read this beginner’s guide for the Beginners Guide is a free online course that you can choose from, or you can learn from experts in some of the best online courses in Pakistan. The course will teach you how to run a business in Pakistan, and also learn how to start your own business in Pakistan.

This is a free online lesson to learn how to start a business in Pakistan and learn the basics of Pakistan economy while having a great internet service such as Skype.


Do you ever feel lonely from having the responsibility for a business, when you do not feel like coming back for a business?

Yes, I often see online users of internet services who feel that they won´t be taken seriously if they start another business. So, it is very natural for them to drop a business quickly. So, it is better for a person who feels like starting another online business to stay with his existing project for now.

Where do you find opportunity in Pakistan and how does such opportunity make you feel?

As of now, I see a great possibility in Pakistan; however, there is always a large gap before Pakistan gets internet services to the masses. Many people tend to stay back when they feel the market is not ready yet. But as a result, the opportunities keep on expanding.


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